PR media coverage is one of the most effective forms of marketing. A pro-active PR – media campaign will lead to increased product and brand awareness for your business and ultimately, increased sales.

Unlike other marketing tools, such as advertising and promotional literature, PR is seen as the most credible form of marketing whether it’s a national or local, news papers, magazines, radio or TV, it has a unique third party implication where the media and in some instances your own customers wax lyrical about your products and service.

A Specialist ‘Home Interest’ Service

Press & Media Direct only work within the home interest sector. This not only means we have an in depth knowledge of the industries media, but also, our attention is never divided like so many other PR companies who work within several industries.

For those clients who work through a dealer/showroom network, we can devise a combined trade and retail press campaign to help strengthen a dealer / showroom network whilst at the same time, supporting that network with the necessary retail leads that will see their businesses flourish and subsequently your sales and profitability grow.

A Flexible Service to Suit Businesses of Today

Businesses of today need to keep their overheads low to remain competitive. However, marketing has never been so important and is instrumental in not only maintaining awareness and market share, but also, to help increase awareness and demand which as you know, is vital to sustain continued growth and future investment.

Recognising the difficult economy that we are in and the increased need to promote, P&MD have created a service that is totally flexible and that can be tailored to each company’s individual needs and budgets. Our flexible approach allows you to choose from a fixed monthly retained fee or a ‘Payment by Results’ fee paying structure.

Win, Win!

‘Payment by Results’ was devised by Press & Media Direct to give you confidence when embarking on a PR campaign for the first time or have previously had a bad experience with another agencies large retained fees and poor results.

Other than a very small monthly administration fee, Press & Media Direct
only start charging once we have gained you editorial and/ormedia coverage. The fee we then charge is based on the amount of media coverage we have obtained as the extent of the coverage is often not known until published.

It’s worth considering that should we fail to achieve for you we would get very little from the arrangement; so you could say it’s in all our interests to obtain as much high quality PR as we can! I believe the American’s call this a ‘win, win’ situation!

Sticking to your budget

At Press and Media Direct we have no set service level fees since we recognise that every customer is different. Fees are determined by your budgets and the amount of work we believe is required to achieve set goals and objectives. There are no ‘hidden extras’ or nasty surprises at the end of each month!

Once a budget has been agreed, we stick to it!